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Run 8 Releases NS and UP 02 SD70Ace

Run 8 has released a holiday freebie with the Second UP and NS Sd70Ace Engines. The banner below to get them while they are hot!

Cajon Update

Amongst the other news from Run 8 Studios today there was a Cajon update that was put out that fixes several signal issues and adds more scenery to areas along the route. One spot to check out is the Country Corner Restaurant near Dike on the up side of Cajon. There were also some touchups in West Colton and near Victorville to name a few.

The Country Corner near Between Mile Post 72 and 73 on the Cajon Sub

The update can be found at the Run 8 Studios Website

SD45 Packs 1 & 2 Released

The SD45-2 Pack 1 and Pack 2 were released today in a variety of flavors. 

Pack 1

  • Santa Fe (Blue and Gold), Santa Fe Bicentennial, Arizona & California, BNSF, CSX YN3, Conrail, CSX YN2, Seaboard System

Pack 2
Pack 2

  • Santa  Fe (Kodacrome), Santa Fe (Pinstripe), Trona Railway, Santa Fe (BNSF Patched), Norfolk Southern, CSX YN 1, Conrail Quailty, Seaboard Coast Line

You can pick them up for $20.00 per pack at the Run 8 Studios Webiste


Run 8 Version 2 Update 3

After much anticipation Run8 Studios released the 3rd update to version to addressing many issues and adding a few new features. 

Below is a list of the changes made.

  • AI Trains: More filters added, please see the User Guide “InteractingWithAITrainCrews” PDF for more details
  • Industry Config bug-fix
  • Two switch-stand targets added to the repertoire
  • Car Spawner code tweaked a bit to better accommodate multi-lane directional road sections
  • CSX Signaling Code adjusted to accommodate the Short-Block condition that
    exists on the A-Line between Callahan and S. Callahan (NB and SB, both mains)
    • When a Stop condition exists at the end of the short-block, the preceding control point will show either Approach (not crossing over) or Medium Approach (crossing over), and their Distant Signals will show Approach
  • Fixed a typo in the code that was causing the wrong baggage-car to show when using Amtrak Phase IV and IV-B
  • Adjusted Amtrak train-spawning function for the Florida routes to moBetta reflect the consists used there (for A-Line and Waycross routes)
  • Fixed an error with WB AI signal behavior at the Needles-Seligman merge-point
  • Train Roll volume-slider added in the F1 Options Menu, which adjusts the volume of the “rolling” sound when inside the cab. Only affects internal cab sound
  • Avatar Attach-Points added for Amtrak Superliner steps and end-doors
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with DS Switch Icons being stuck “gray” when joining a session as a Client
  • Fixed a bug with the Train-Tagger regarding deleting Override Train Speed
  • Fixed an audio bug that would cause the Train-Brake Release sound to not always play properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused TMU reported stats not to match the actual train
  • Fixed a condition that could cause an infinite-loop (program hang-up) when a train is on a looped piece of track (ie, Victorville)
  • Fixed a condition that could cause a “physics explosion” when coupling onto humped-cars on a bowl track under just the right circumstances

Check out the Run 8 Studios Website to download it!

HyRail Simulations Releases CSX Waycross

HyRail Simulations released their northward expansion from the existing termini of the current CSX Aline Route encompassing 4 sub divisions Nahunta, Jesup, Fitzgerald, and Thomasville. The expansion includes the infamous W. Thomas Rice yard, one of CSX’s busiest yards in the southeast. Rice Yard includes a 64 track classification yard with double hump, receiving, departure, and local yards as well as an Engine Servicing Facility and Car Department.

Rice Yard HumpRice Yard Car Department

The route includes a variety of industries including a large paper mill near Doctor Town, GA; one of the largest in the country. As is with all of HyRail Simulations products no detail is left out when it comes to scenery as there is always something different to see each time you run down the line. To pick up your copy visit HyRail Simulations or Run 8 Studios

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