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HyRail Simulations Releases CSX Waycross

HyRail Simulations released their northward expansion from the existing termini of the current CSX Aline Route encompassing 4 sub divisions Nahunta, Jesup, Fitzgerald, and Thomasville. The expansion includes the infamous W. Thomas Rice yard, one of CSX’s busiest yards in the southeast. Rice Yard includes a 64 track classification yard with double hump, receiving, departure, and local yards as well as an Engine Servicing Facility and Car Department.

Rice Yard HumpRice Yard Car Department

The route includes a variety of industries including a large paper mill near Doctor Town, GA; one of the largest in the country. As is with all of HyRail Simulations products no detail is left out when it comes to scenery as there is always something different to see each time you run down the line. To pick up your copy visit HyRail Simulations or Run 8 Studios

BNSF Seligman Sub Released

After a long wait the much anticipated BNSF Seligman Subdivision has released for Run 8 Version 2. The route includes over 140 miles of double track mainline running between Needles and Seligman, which ties seamlessly into the existing needles sub route. The route includes a variety of industries including the Kingman Industrial Park; the largest industrial park along the route. Some key points on interest along the route to take a look at are the Colorado River Bridge spanning the Colorado River which is also the dividing line between Arizona and California as well as the Pacific and Mountain Time. Another point of interest is the double track tunnel between Yampai and Peach Springs. There are also many scenes throughout the route that give the user a very unique glimpse into the desert southwest. 

You can buy the Seligman Sub from Run8 Studios for $40.00 check it out today!

Colorado River Bridge

sel_2Double Track Tunnel

sel_4KGTR Industrial Park

V2 Wellcars Released

Run 8 Studios released Well Car Pack 2 today. The pack includes 5 variants of double and single stack containers. Included is EMP, UMAX, CSX, HubGroup and FedEx. Check them out here. https://www.3dts-onlinestore.com/store_run8_wellcar02.php

Run 8 Releases SD40-2T Pack 1

Run 8 Studios released the SD40-2T Tunnel Pack for those of you who like mountain running; these units will be your best choice on combating those tough mountain grades and the tunnels that go along with them. The SD40-2T has a unique platform level intake grate to allow for to cool air of the tunnel floor to cool the diesel engine. Included in Pack 1 is UP, SP, Rio Grande (DRGW), Rio Grande (UP Patched), and SP (UP Patched). These fine locomotives can be purchased at the Run8 Studios Website

SP 8556 Prepares to lead the Mojave Flyer(LOQ53) up the Hill from Mojave
SP 8556 Prepares to lead the Mojave Flyer(LOQ53) up the Hill from Mojave

DRGW 5384 in UP Bakersfield Yard
DRGW 5384 in UP Bakersfield Yard

SP(UP) 8719. UP 4504, DRGW(UP) 8624 Wait in Yermo for an assignment
SP(UP) 8719. UP 4504, and DRGW(UP) 8624 Wait in Yermo for an assignment

Run 8 Version 2 Update 2

Run 8 Studios has done it again! With the release of the latest update for Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2. Update 2 features many enhancements to the program including a fix for the "Red dot of despair" that some users encountered, and enhanced industry configuration tools to select specific car types to serve industries, so no more crude oil cars at corn syrup factories! Also there are now bumpers on the ends of some of the tracks. A full change log can be found in the read more section.  

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